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OSGATA v Monsanto - Rally in support of farmers against Monsanto

On January 31, 2012, I shot the rally at Foley Square organized by Food Democracy Now!, Occupy Wall Street Food Justice, and Occupy Big Food. Inside a Federal courtroom nearby, Judge Naomi Buchwald was hearing oral arguments by the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, including the Organic Seed Growers & Trade Association (OSGATA) and some 82 other farm/food associations, and the lawyers representing Monsanto. The suit started last March when the Public Patent Foundation filed claims challenging the validity of some of Monsanto's GMO patents.  Monsanto responded by filing a pretrial motion to dismiss which was the purpose of the hearing taking place. The judge heard the arguments and promised a decision by March 31, 2012 about whether or not the suit could go forward. Meanwhile, supporters from all over the region and beyond rallied in support of the plaintiffs.

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