Growing a Documentary
About the Producer

Jan Weber
Producer, Director, Writer

Jan began her production career in New York at ABC, NBC, and in syndicated television, then moved on to feature films as co-producer and writer of several action movies. Over a career spanning some 35 years, she has produced, directed, and written myriad programs and projects from commercials and corporate marketing to executive education and technical training; written network pilots, screenplays and marketing material for print and the web; and served as technical writer and marketing manager for several IT companies. Through her communications consulting company, JW Creative Solutions, Ltd., she works closely with corporate clients to plan, develop, and execute communication, media, and marketing strategies.

Jan Weber
Documentarymaker, Videographer

As I did when I shot my documentary, As We Sow, I am producer, director, interviewer, fixer, and sole schlepper (i.e. a  crew of one.) Having worked with great DPs, ACs, sound recordists, grips, gaffers, best boys, makeup artists, hair dressers, and PAs over a long career, I know the joys and benefits of a topflight crew of professionals on the team. But documentaries don't pay as corporate jobs do, so I have to do the job alone—which is not without its own joys and benefits.  

For the documentaries I choose to do there is a thrilling blend of freedom and risk in going it alone—and, in my opinion,  a unique connection and trust between myself and the people who open themselves up and talk to me. I learn so much, and I learn it from the people whose lives, livelihoods, and futures are at stake. 

Post-production Team

Once shooting is over, Farmlandia will move from field to editing room, from a one-(wo)man band, to the band of professionals who will help turn raw footage into a documentary: editor, sound designer, composer & musicians, and sound mixer.

On location at the Willis farm
where I learned to love pigs.